Antigua and Barbuda

Military: Antigua and Barbuda

Military branches:

Ministry of National Security, Royal Antigua and Barbuda Defense Force (includes Antigua and Barbuda Coast Guard) (2012)

Military service age and obligation:

18 years of age for voluntary military service; no conscription; Governor-General has powers to call up men for national service and set the age at which they could be called up (2012)

Manpower available for military service:

males age 16-49: 21,141

females age 16-49: 24,056 (2010 est.)

Manpower fit for military service:

males age 16-49: 17,676

females age 16-49: 19,960 (2010 est.)

Manpower reaching militarily significant age annually:

male: 806

female: 799 (2010 est.)

Military expenditures:

country comparison to the world:  36   

Transnational Issues: Antigua and Barbuda

Disputes - international:


Illicit drugs:

considered a minor transshipment point for narcotics bound for the US and Europe; more significant as an offshore financial center