Heckler & Koch HK45

The HK45 was designed to meet requirements set forth in the U.S. Military Joint Combat Pistol program which had the purpose of arming the U.S. Military with a .45 ACP semi-automatic pistol instead of the 9mm M9 pistol. The Joint Combat Pistol program was suspended indefinitely in 2006, and the M9 pistol remains the standard issue handgun for the U.S. Military. Even though the Joint Combat Pistol program had ended, HK decided to make the HK45 available on the commercial market as well as to law enforcement and military groups. Heckler & Koch, along with Larry Vickers, an ex-Delta Force operator, and Ken Hackathorn led the development of the HK45 to meet Joint Combat Pistol program requirements which was canceled due to the price of re-arming the entire military.

Weight 785 g (27.7 oz) (HK45)
717 g (25 oz) (HK45 Compact)
Length 191 mm (7.5 in) (HK45)
183 mm (7.2 in) (HK45 Compact)
Barrel length 115 mm (4.5 in) (HK45)
99 mm (3.9 in) (HK45 Compact)
Width 36 mm (1.4 in) (HK45)
29 mm (1.1 in) (HK45 Compact)
Height 148 mm (5.8 in) (HK45)
128.5 mm (5.1 in) (HK45 Compact)
Caliber .45 ACP
Action Short recoil operated, Browning-type tilting barrel, locked breech
Feed system Detachable box magazine; capacities:
  • 10 rounds
  • 8 rounds, 10 rounds
Sights Drift adjustable 3-dot Super-LumiNova night sight system


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