ISIS Today ISIS Tomorrow, the Threat Is Real!

 Words By Charles N. Lewis Jr. Owner/Agent VIE Realty Group, LLC USN PH3 Combat Photographer Vietnam

ISIS does pose a real and dangerous threat to the US, both in the Middle East and also at home. The swift and brutal advance of ISIS from Syria into Iraq has alarmed the world and has the Obama administration and Western nations scurrying to develop a policy and strategy. The beheadings of James Foley and Steven Sotloff American Journalist by a Black clad extremist with a British accent shows ISIS distain for the US and Britain.

The executions carried out by a British convert along with the deaths of two Americans fighting in support of ISIS; illustrates ISIS ability in recruiting foreign fighters. Making the threat of ISIS trained Jihadist returning to their home countries a reality.  

Our first mistake in facing extremist terrorist was 9-11, when our intelligence community couldn't put the bits of information together from divergent sources; although that is their job! This time we know that this organization is well equipped, well trained, funded, agile, and militarily proficient in their actions. Also they are a violent, brutal, radical, Islamic extremist army; with visions and plans for grandiose regional and Western attacks. One more thing, they have the ability to strike us at home by returning the American and other foreign nationals who they have trained. The threat to our long standing Kurdish friends and other Iraqi minorities in the area, and our national security chains us to the situation.

To avoid a second mistake with extremist ISIS needs to be “eradicated”, yes I mean totally destroyed. The organization, its philosophy, its supporters, and its soldiers; only history should be aware of them. It’s a very tall order, one which requires the involvement by regional nations, international partners, Islamic Clergy; and coordinated aggressive military actions! Since the ISIS threat would most likely feast upon those easily within their grasp Jordan, the Saudis, Egypt, and the new Iraq should be willing partners in this task.

I like most Americans do not want another war without a clear objective. Unlike most Americans I believe this is one conflict we must engage in for our own security. It will take boots on the ground, aggressive air assaults, financial seizures; and a campaign to fight radicalization and political will. Any strategy that develops short of eradication builds the foundation for the next extremist group to arise. The manner in which we destroy ISIS should be one that illustrates to all others our uncompromising refusal of terrorism.   

Americans that have joined or supported ISIS should have their passports revoked and be arrested as terrorist and charged with treason upon their attempts to return. They should be international criminals with Interpol and all intelligent agencies search for them. Their trials should present the facts and judgment should be swift. The gravity of the situation for me does not include incarceration.  

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