Picture Credits For This Site

Picture Credits

The information and photos contained on this website are unclassified, approved for public dissemination and are released under CC-BY-SA Licensing Agreement.  All photos are either 1) Original photos in which WarriorLodge is the copyright holder or 2) taken by a federal government employee in the course of their duties and therefore in the public domain, Reference 17 USC § 105 - Subject matter of copyright:  United States Government works.

All of our public domain photos were found on Wikipedia's Creative Commons Wikimedia site and we highly recommend checking them out for some of the best military photos on the internet.

In addition, your privacy is more important than our use of a public domain photo so if you're pictured in a military or government photo and wish to be anonymous, send us a prompt email at info@warriorlodge.com and we will blur your face immediately.

Finally, on the off chance there is a photo on this site in which we are not the copyright holder, please inform us immediately at the same email address as above and provide proof that you retain the copyright and a written request that you would like the photo removed; after that, please allow 24 hours for photo removal.

-Warrior Actual