ISIS Today ISIS Tomorrow, The Threat Is Real! Part 2

  Words By Charles N. Lewis Jr. Owner/Agent VIE Realty Group, LLC USN PH3 Combat Photographer Vietnam

On the night of September 10th President Obama addressed the world and laid out his strategy for defeating ISIS, without US Troops on the ground. I wasn’t impressed! To his credit Qatar, Jordan, the Saudi’s, and a few other Middle East nations have joined the effort. Turkey with ISIS at its border tanks poised has not moved to assist Kurdish fighter, a coalition partner. Turkey has agreed to allow US and coalition forces to use bases to train free-Syrian forces. While all that tom foolery was going on our only friends the Kurds are in a heated battle with ISIS forces near the Turkish border. Why can’t these guys get a little air support and more ammunition? We see the same in name only involvement by other Middle East nations within the coalition.

I have supported the President on many of his actions but on this he is completely wrong and does not have my support. He and his administration are reading this all wrong. First why does he and his administration call the organization ISIL when the rest of the world calls them ISIS? What’s that about? The President’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice this morning on Meet The Press reaffirmed their commitment to rebuilding the Iraqi military and that no US troops on the ground. It’s a fools bet that with more money and training the Iraqi military will be nothing more than an expensive way to deliver weapons to your enemy. The Iraqi forces near Baghdad (9/25/2014) were overrun by ISIS who killed 300 Iraqi soldiers. I guess those guys were fighting and not running. That is not a confidence builder in the administration’s strategy. President Obama wants his legacy to be ending two wars, killing Osama Ben laden, and universal health care, it won’t be! His legacy will be a worldwide war against ISIS, the second terrorist attack within the US; and US troops fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria.


The President two weeks ago Sunday on 60 Minutes admitted that his National Intelligence director “underestimated ISIS strength”! I contend that the entire administration is “underestimating” the situation. As we would spend time training The Free Syrian Army, the Syrian Christian fighters they recently formed an alliance with; and rebuild and train the Iraqi military ISIS will adapt and export its members to raise hell within western cities. We and I mean the western world does not have the time for that approach.

Without troops on the ground ISIS controls vast areas only because NO ONE is there. Without troops on the ground you allow ISIS to be mobile and disperse its forces. Without troops on the ground ISSI faces inferior fighting forces and continues to have success. Without troops on the ground ISIS gets stronger using their success to further draw in foreign fighters. The President needs to take off the rose colored glasses and face reality. We are in this alone and it’s our National Security at stake. If the Middle Eastern nations nearest to ISIS who wouldn’t hesitate infiltrating their countries won’t step up, we should handle this ourselves. Although they shouldn’t count on our support if and when ISIS runs in their direction. I hope our next President and Administration is much more aggressive in combating ISIS.

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