Should Chris Kyle Receive the Medal of Honor?

May 09, 2015

Disclaimer: This list is NOT all inclusive. US Special Operations have dozens of firearms at their disposal. This list is just a sampling and is arranged in NO particular order.

     FN SCAR

The Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR) is a modular rifle made by FN Herstal (FNH) for the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) to satisfy the requirements of the SCAR competition. This family of rifles consist of two main types. The SCAR-L, for "light", is chambered in the 5.56×45mm NATO cartridge and the SCAR-H, for "heavy", fires 7.62×51mm NATO. Both are available in Long Barrel and Close Quarters Combat variants.

10 Guns of the Special Forces

10 Guns of the Special Forces

10 Guns of the Special Forces

Pictured Above: FN MK 20 MOD 0 Sniper Support Rifle (SSR)
  • 5.56×45mm NATO(SCAR-L)
  • 7.62×51mm NATO(SCAR-H)
Action Gas-operated (short-stroke gas piston), rotating bolt
Rate of fire 625 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity
  • SCAR-L: 2,870 ft/s (870 m/s) (M855)
  • SCAR-L: 2,630 ft/s (800 m/s) (Mk 262)
  • SCAR-H: 2,342 ft/s (714 m/s) (M80)
Effective firing range
  • SCAR-L: 300 m (330 yd) (Short), 500 m (550 yd) (Standard), 600 m (660 yd) (Long)
  • SCAR-H: 300 m (330 yd) (Short), 600 m (660 yd) (Standard), 800 m (870 yd) (Long)
Feed system
  • SCAR-L: STANAG box magazine
  • SCAR-H/SSR: 20-round box magazine
Sights Iron sights or various optics



  Words by Mike Weisbecker, USAF Ret.

Chris Kyle’s name has been in the news a lot since the lead up to, and release of the film “American Sniper”.  Good debates have been taking place over his legacy, the plight of our veterans suffering from PTSD, and other issues related to the Global War on Terror that we have been openly waging for decades now. 

Kyle was extremely good at his sniper duties with 160 confirmed kills to his name.  He was awarded two Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars for valor. 
Representative Roger Williams, who represents the district Chris Kyle lived in, has introduced legislation that if passed, would authorize President Obama to award the Congressional Medal of Honor to Chris Kyle.

But did he do something that would rate the Navy to award him with the Medal of Honor?  I don’t believe he did and neither did his command in the Navy.  If this was a case of "his CO had pushed the paperwork for one and it had stalled in that five-sided-circus on the Potomac", maybe this would have merit.  But that isn't the case at all.  While he did suffer several gunshot wounds and survived several IED attacks while deployed, none of these would merit nomination for our nation’s highest honor.  Just read the citations of those who have been awarded this medal since 2001. 


"I’d say Kyle would be the first one to say stop."

This is just political grandstanding at a time when a fellow Texan is riding high in popularity over the hype of the movie and Hollywood’s self-licking ice cream cone of award season, and the results of the trial of Kyle’s murderer. 

I ask this: Would some be behind this attempt at pushing to award the medal if Kyle was still alive?  I haven’t read the book or seen the movie as of yet, but I’d say Kyle would be the first one to say stop. 


It would be interesting to see how this lawmaker votes on bills concerning veteran’s affairs.  Dear to-do list... check into Rep. William's voting record...

Image Above Courtesy Fox News

If Representative Williams wants to truly honor Chris Kyle, push for better treatment of our physically and psychologically wounded veterans.  Kyle’s and Chad Littlefield’s murderer was a Marine veteran whose mother asked Kyle to befriend to help him.  Eight days after a local VA hospital released the murderer kills the two folks trying to help him. He was suffering from mental issues and his mother plead with the VA hospital that he was a danger to himself and others and should not be released.  Fix that Mr. Williams.