Welcome to the Lodge

Our Mission is to provide comprehensive information for Active Duty, Veterans, and those Thinking About Joining the military, completely free of charge (no subscription or membership required). Get Briefed!

Warriorlodge.com contains information... lots of information. Our site is run by a group of veterans & disabled veterans and all branches of the military are represented in our team. Unlike other military-type sites, we don't charge a subscription for "upgraded features", we are free for everyone, all the time... no annoying pop-ups, no subterfuge here.

The website is divided into sections:

Active Duty-
-Military Pay, Comprehensive Information
-Rank & Insignia Tables for ALL Branches
-Complete Tricare Information
-Tuition Assistance Information
-PCS & Relocation
-SGLI Information
-Complete Info for Dependents and Family Support

-Veteran & VA Healthcare
-VA Disability & Rehabilitation
-Death & Burial Benefits
-Veteran Education Benefits
-Veteran Loan Programs
-Veteran Employment & Job Seeking
-Comprehensive list of State Discounts and Benefits for Vets

Thinking About Joining?
-Am I Eligible for The Military
-Complete ASVAB Information
-Military Benefits Snapshot
-Military Jobs Snapshot
-Military Fitness Guide
-What to ask a recruiter
-Interactive map to find a recruiter near you

Complete US Weapon Systems Database- EVERY weapon currently in active service in the US Military from Bayonets to Nuclear Weapons and everything in between- Multi-page descriptions and specifications, multiple high-def pictures for each & every weapon system.

Foreign Country Database- Every country on the planet Earth has its own 20-40 page report containing everything from Geography to Economy to Government to Military. Complete with maps. Information is truly power.

Warrior News- Breaking news from around the US Government and US Military. Get news that matters to you!

Warriorlodge.com Swag & Branded Gear- We won't be modest here... our logo is badass. Put it on a hat or t-shirt and show the world your warrior core. We also have a great partnership with military friendly companies that give us, and therefore you, great deals on backpacks and other military gear. In addition, a portion of each and every Warrior Gear sale goes to the Wounded Warrior Project in your name.

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