Housing Benefits

  • Alabama State Veterans Home Program

Financial Assistance Benefits

  • Ad Valorem Tax Exemptions
  • Bonus for Southeast Asian War Prisoners
  • Exemption of Debts Incurred Pursuant to National Housing Act or Veterans' Benefits
  • Military Retiree Income Tax Exemption
  • Unemployment Compensation
  • Military Combat Pay Income Tax Exemption

Employment Benefits

  • Job Status and Reemployment Rights
  • Preference in State Classified Employment

Veterans Business Benefits

  • Business and Occupation License Exemptions for Disabled Veterans
  • Business and Occupation License Exemptions for Veterans of WW II
  • Forfeiture of Franchise

Education Benefits

  • G. I. Dependents' Scholarship Program

Other State Benefits

  • Armed Forces Voter Registration and Absentee Voting
  • Commitment of Incompetent Veteran
  • Executive, Attestation and Acknowledgment Certification
  • Fiduciaries in War Service
  • Discounted Fishing License
  • Guardianship for Veterans and Minor Dependents
  • Military Leave of Absence
  • Notice of Armed Forces Death
  • Official Report of Person Missing, Etc
  • Peace Officers' Credit for Military Service
  • Public Records
  • Recording of Discharges
  • Validation of Marriage of Divorced Persons
  • Wills


Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs

RSA Plaza, Suite 530 770 Washington Avenue

Montgomery, Alabama 36130-2755



TC: Vickie Howard

Phone: 334-270-2990


State Director: Clyde Marsh

Phone: 334-242-5077 e-mail: