The Cardom (Hatchet), is a Soltam Systems 120mm Recoil Mortar System (RMS), used by the US Army, the Israeli Defence Force, NATO countries, and others. The Cardom is an autonomous, computerized system for mounting on light and medium armored carriers. The system provides accurate and effective fire support.

The system uses a new Computerized Integrated Navigation, Self Positioning and Aiming systems. Its modern Target Acquisition Devices together with special designed Recoiling Mortar System attenuates the firing loads and enables mounting the systems on wheeled and tracked AFV's, or even soft-skinned vehicles such as trucks. The CARDOM Aiming mechanisms are linked to state-of-the-art command, control and communication systems, to achieve quick response automatic laying mode. The IDF delivered Cardom system takes target acquisition data, that provides range, bearing, position and other data from an observation position and transmits it direct to the Cardom system. Using electrical servo motors the mortar barrel is then set to the exact traverse and elevation angles ready for firing.

The Cardom has a burst rate of 16 rpm, followed by a 4 rpm sustained rate of fire. The Cardom Recoil Mortar System has been qualified for fielding with the 3rd US Army Stryker brigade, and will be coupled to the US Army's M95 Mortar Fire Control System. Over 320 mortars were manufactured for the US Army.

  • Range:7,000-8,000 meter
  • Calibre: 120/81mm smoothbore and rifled
  • Max rate of fire : 16 rounds per minute
  • Traverse (deg) : 360
  • Shoot of first round: less than 30 sec
  • Crew : 2-4 dependent on carrier
  • Dual mode : mounted and dismounted


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