Coast Guard Tuition Assistance

The Coast Guard offers tuition assistance to eligible active duty, reserve and civilian members to pursue their education goals in their off-duty time. 

The following are the maximum payment amounts allowed under the tuition assistance program.

Tuition assistance will cover up to 100% of tuition and fees not to exceed $250 per semester credit hour, or $166 per quarter credit hour, and no more than $4500 per fiscal year.

To apply for Coast Guard tuition assistance the servicemember must complete TA Applicaion CG-4147, which is then sent to the United States Coast Guard Institute.  The Unites States Coast Guard Institute is responsible for the approval of all Coast Guard tuition assistance requests.  Once the request is approved you will receive TA Authorization form CGI-1560 which should be taken to the academic institution of choice at the time of enrollment.  The institution will then submit the appropriate paperwork for payment. 

There are some rules that apply when using Coast Guard tuition assistance.  These rules are as follows:

  • Whether active duty, civilian, select drilling reserve members or Public Health Service officer working with the Coast Guard, eligibility and benefits are standardized service wide
  • Approval must be obtained before enrolling in courses less than 18 weeks in length either resident or remote
  • TA may be used in combination with other forms of financial aid such as student loans
  • Courses must be offered through a regionally, nationally or professionally accredited institution or agency as recognized by the Department of Education and result in college credit or accredited clock or contact hours
  • Unit specific operational training is not covered by tuition assistance
  • Books are not covered by TA
  • Courses that are considered developmental and necessary for a student to complete prior to a freshmen level course may be authorized for TA coverage. 

The following are not eligible for coverage by tuition assistance:

  • Application, entrance or enrollment fees
  • Record-maintenance fees
  • Student activity fees/ Student ID
  • Course registration fees
  • Textbooks, manuals
  • Non-consumable materials
  • Assembled items available commercially such as computers, televisions, robots
  • Fees for flight time, flying lessons, or noncredit aviation classes
  • Parking fees
  • Cost of tools, protective or other equipment that becomes the property of the student
  • Certification courses and tests, or licenses
  • Additional TA Criteria

All courses that utilize tuition assistance must be completed before the servicemember is discharged, retires or is released from active duty.  One exception being those service members who can provide proof of being released from active duty in order to join the select drilling reserve members, have the ability to begin a TA approved course during active duty and finish it once in SELRES.  Minimum drill attendance with satisfactory participation must be maintained by all SELRES members. 

A minimum of one year of service after completion of the final TA fund course is required from all officers participating in the tuition assistance program.

The institution is responsible for providing an itemized cost breakdown for the total cost of the course including tuition and fee details.

Coast Guard civilian employees applying for TA must have a minimum of 90 days prior continuous Coast Guard service and must serve at least one month per credit hour after completion of the courses.  The civilian employees considered temporary are required to have at least 12 months prior service in the Coast Guard and their contract must state they have at least one month per credit hour remaining after completion of the courses.  Contractors and non-appropriated funded personnel are not eligible for TA benefits.