The Seabees joint explosive ordnance rapid response vehicle, commonly referred to as

The Cougar is an American infantry mobility vehicle designed to be resistant to anti-vehicle mines and improvised munitions (MRAP).

It is a family of armored vehicles produced by Force Protection Inc, which manufactures ballistic and mine-protected vehicles. The automotives are integrated by Spartan Motors. These vehicles are protected against small arms, land mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) using a combination of design features and materials to protect both the crew and engine compartment against a wide range of attacks. A Monocoque type, V-shaped hull extends to the engine bay and serves to direct the blast away from under the vehicle. The dual air-conditioners help keep heavily dressed troops from overheating in temperatures over 100 °F (38 °C) in Iraq.

Weight Curb: 38,000 lb (17.2 t)
Gross max: 49,000 lb (22.2 t)
Mastiff: 50,000 lb (22.7 t) maximum
Length 7.08 m (23.25 ft)
Width 2.74 m (9.0 ft)
Height 2.64 m (8.67 ft)
Crew 2+10
Armor allround protected from .50 cal
Optional remote weapon station(Common Remotely Operated Weapon System II)
Optional firing ports
Engine Caterpillar C-7 Diesel I6
243 kW (330 hp)
Payload capacity 13,000 lb (5.90 t)
Transmission Allison 3500SP automatic
Suspension 6x6 wheeled
Ground clearance 15 in (410 mm)
600 miles (966 km)
Speed 65 mph (105 km/h)
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