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Words by Jim Moss.

"Patriotism means equipped forces, and a prepared citizenry" - Dwight D. Eisenhower

Covert Furniture!

As gun owners we are often faced with a dilemma between safety and ease of access when it comes to firearms storage. There never seems to be a good answer, guns in a safe do you no good, and have to be opened and closed with OCD like passion lest prying hands find their way in. Keeping them out in the open can be a poor social choice, and dangerous.

Now, I don't know about you, but I've always wanted a secret wall that rolls away revealing an arsenal. Something out of the Punisher, or Men in Black. I could step in and select the treasure of choice from my war room and be ready for any threat. That's likely to stay a dream, but Covert Furniture out of Nevada is doing its best to take it a step closer to reality with some very practical ideas.

Covert Furniture!Covert Furniture!

They have developed patent pending designs for 7 different pieces of furniture made to cover nearly every room in the house, and with an array of 16 stain choices, they are almost certain to have something that matches your current feng shui and appeases the other half when necessary. Importantly, these pieces are not safes, they hide in plain sight. The secret compartments are locked by simple mechanisms that are easy to operate quickly in case of emergency. The furniture has a conservative design so as not to attract attention, yet still looks good. Not to mention there is no particle board in the construction, so you're certain to get a long lifespan.

Having your house decked out with their gear allows you to have easy access to a pistol anywhere (or a rifle from the chest of drawers), and even in the most delicate moments on the porcelain throne. They have a magazine rack with an optional toilet paper holder. The bedroom is covered by a chest of drawers, night stand, or headboard; or all 3 if you want the matching set. For the living room they offer a book case and end tables. And last but not least is a key hider to dissuade any potential joy riders in case of a break in while you're not home.

Covert Furniture's Mission Statement says it all. Check out the mission statement and hit the link below:

Our mission is to enhance personal and family safety within the home and protect valuables and possessions from theft or misuse. To this end, Covert Furniture crafts beautiful and functional furniture designed to:

  • Conceal Weapons and Other Valuables
  • Promote Preparedness
  • Enhance Safety
  • Facilitate Action in an Emergency
  • Empower Citizens in their Own Homes
  • Keep Guns Away from Children
  • Keep Private Items Private
  • Keep Bad Guys Away from Your Guns

Covert Furniture!

Covert Furniture

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