Czech Republic

Military:  Czech Republic

Military branches:

Army of the Czech Republic (Armada Ceske Republiky): Joint Forces Command (Spolocene Sily; includes Land Forces (Pozemni Sily) and Air Forces (Vzdusne Sily)) (2013)

Military service age and obligation:

18-28 years of age for male and female voluntary military service; no conscription (2012)

Manpower available for military service:

males age 16-49: 2,506,826

females age 16-49: 2,407,634 (2010 est.)

Manpower fit for military service:

males age 16-49: 2,072,267

females age 16-49: 1,988,839 (2010 est.)

Manpower reaching militarily significant age annually:

male: 49,999

female: 47,501 (2010 est.)

Military expenditures:

1% of GDP (2011 est.)

country comparison to the world:  124   

Transnational Issues:  Czech Republic

Disputes - international:

while threats of international legal action never materialized in 2007, 915,220 Austrians, with the support of the popular Freedom Party, signed a petition in January 2008, demanding that Austria block the Czech Republic's accession to the EU unless Prague closes its controversial Soviet-style nuclear plant in Temelin, bordering Austria

Refugees and internally displaced persons:

stateless persons: 1,502 (2012)

Illicit drugs:

transshipment point for Southwest Asian heroin and minor transit point for Latin American cocaine to Western Europe; producer of synthetic drugs for local and regional markets; susceptible to money laundering related to drug trafficking, organized crime; significant consumer of ecstasy (2008)