A member of 2nd Platoon, 449th Mobility Augmentation Company, 507th Engineer Battalion, Task Force Warhammer, operates the DOK-ING mine clearing system, providing specialize training to an Army Special Forces unit. (Photo by U.S. Army Spc. Damar Lewis, Task Force Warhammer)

DOK-ING d.o.o is a large Croatian producer of unmanned multi-purpose vehicles established in 1992. DOK-ING is also developing a small electric city car called the XD.

Mine Clearance Vehicles

  • MV-4
  • MV-10

Fire Fighting Vehicles

  • MVF-5

Underground Mining Vehicles

  • MVD


Fire Fighting Vehicles

  • JELKA-4
  • JELKA-10

Mine Clearance Vehicles

  • MV-2
  • MV-3
  • MV-20


  • EOD


  • FP7
  • XD (electric car).

International Users

Armed Forces Number of Units
US Army 41 MV-4s + 44attachments
Swedish Army 5 MV-4s
Croatian Army 4 MV-4s
Irish Army 2 MV-4s
Italian Army 3 MV-4
Hellenic Army 1 MV-4
Lithuanian Army 1 MV-10
Sri Lankan Army 12 MV-4s
Colombian National Armada 2 MV-4s
Australian Army 8 MV-10s + 16 attachments
Libyan Army 4 MV-4s (2 flails + 2 tillers)
GCAN Nicaragua 2 MV-4s + 1 attachment


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