Heavy Equipment Transport System

296th Transportation Co. from Brookhaven, Miss. practices maneuvering their Heavy Equipment Transporter, carrying a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle. The 296th TC, 260th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 96th Sustainment Brigade, 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), carries various types of cargo throughout the Baghdad area of operations and must continually refine their driving skills.

The Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET) is a military logistics vehicle used to transport, deploy, and evacuate tanksarmored personnel carriersself-propelled artilleryarmored bulldozers and other heavy vehicles. The primary purpose and use of the HET system is for delivery of the M1 Abrams, recovery of non mission capable armored vehicles, and cost efficiency. An Abrams driving on or off road for 300+ miles creates a mechanical and personnel fatigue issue. The mobility of the HET system alleviates unneeded wear and tear on the armored vehicles, and is thus more cost efficient, as armored vehicles are expensive to run and maintain. Since the armored vehicles don't need to self-deploy to the battlefield, en route breakdowns are prevented, and more fighting vehicles will be available for combat.

Weight 41,000 pounds
Length 30 feet 2 inches
Width 8 feet 6 inches
Height 12 feet 1 inch
Crew 6
Engine Detroit Diesel Series 92 8V92
500 hp
Suspension 8x8
425 miles, 1.7 mpg
Speed 45 mph
M1070A1 tractor
Axle Configuration: 8x8
Curb Weight: 45,500 lbs. (20638 kg)
Fifth Wheel Vertical Load: 46,000 lbs. (20865 kg)
Maximum Speed: 50 mph (80 km/h)
Air Conditioning: Standard
Engine: Caterpillar® C18, 700 hp 18.1 L
Transmission: Allison® 4800 SP/7-speed automatic
Transfer Case: Oshkosh® 30000 Series/single speed


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