Housing Benefits

  • Veterans Homes

Financial Assistance Benefits

  • Tax Exemption
  • Emergency Grant for Wartime Veterans

Education Benefits

  • Operation Education-University of Idaho
  • Scholarship for Child (Step & Grand) of MIA/POW/PH
  • In-State Tuition for Guardsmen/Reservists who live outside the State of Idaho, but whom serve with an Idaho unit.
  • Scholarship for dependents of 100% TPD Vets (OIF/OEF)

Other State Benefits

  • Idaho State Veterans Cemetery
  • Specialty License Plates
  • $5 Hunting & Fishing License at 40% VA Rating
  • Free campsite pass and park pass at 100% Rating
  • Military Furlough Combination Hunting/Fishing @ $17.50 (Idaho residents on Active Duty; must provide LES)


David Brasuell, Administrator

Idaho Division of Veterans Services

351 Collins Road

Boise, Idaho, 83702

Phone: 208-577-2310


TC: Bill Heyob

Phone: 208-577-2300


Division Administrator: David E. Brasuell

Phone: 208-577-2310


National Guard TAA: Mary Kelly

Phone: 208-272-4408