Housing Benefits

  • Kansas Soldiers’ Home (Long Term Care & Dom)
  • Kansas Veterans’ Home (Long Term Care & Dom)

Financial Assistance Benefits

  • Assistance to veterans and families thru KSNG Workforce Support Center and TAA
  • Military Retirement Not Taxed by Kansas State

Employment Benefits

  • VA Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment
  • State DVOPS & LVERs
  • Veterans preference for civil service

Education Benefits

  • Needs-based scholarships for OIF/OEF/ONE vets
  • Robust educational and OJT programs throughout state thru State Approving Agency
  • Free tuition to POWs and to dependents of KIA/MIAs
  • KS National Guard scholarships
  • Operation Recognition: High School diplomas for veterans
  • In-state tuition rates for active military and their families

Wildlife & Parks

  • Free hunting/fishing licenses, and Free State Parks admission for KSNG & Disabled Veterans
  • Health Benefits
  • Persian Gulf War Board and survey
  • Vets’ Mental Health Task Force under Dept of Social & Rehabilitative Services

Other State Benefits

  • Three state veterans’ cemeteries; one in construction
  • DD Form 214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty)
  • Advice on VA and state benefits from qualified Veteran Service Representatives
  • Seven veterans license plates (MOPH, 100% Disabled, & POW free)
  • Military retirement exempt from state income tax


Kansas Commission on Veterans' Affairs

Jayhawk Tower 700 SW Jackson, Suite 1004

Topeka, KS 66603-3743

Phone: (785) 296-3976



Executive Director: Greg Burden

Phone: 785-296-3976

Email: gburden@kcva.ks.gov

Director of Veterans Services: Wayne Bollig

Phone: 785-296-3976 Email: wbollig@kcva.ks.gov

National Guard TAA: Beth Visocsky


Email: elizabeth.a.visocsky.civ@mail.mil

National Guard TAA: Howard Steanson

Phone: 785-274-1188

Email: howard.l.steanson.ctr@mail.mil