Housing Benefits

  • Louisiana War Veterans Homes

Employment Benefits

  • Military Service Relief Act
  • Veterans Civil Service Preference (Employment Preference)

Financial Assistance

  • Louisiana Military Family Assistance Fund

Education Benefits

  • Dependents Educational Assistance
  • National Guard Tuition
  • Veterans Education and Training - State Approving Agency
  • Troops to Teachers

Other State Benefits

  • Free Hunting/Fishing Licenses
  • Free Entrance to State Parks
  • Free "Purple Heart" License Plates
  • Motor Vehicle - Disabled Veterans - Special License Plates, Exemptions
  • Special Prestigious License Plates for Certain Veterans and Retirees
  • Recording of Discharges


Louisiana Department of Veteran Affairs

602 North 5th St.

P.O. Box 94095

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804-9095

Phone: 225-922-0500



Secretary: TBA Phone: 225-922-0500

TC: Joey Strickland

Phone: 225-922-0500

Email: jstrickland@vetaffairs.com

National Guard TAA: Philip White

Phone: 318-290-5449

Email: philip.r.white.mil@mail.mil

National Guard TAA: Grady Coulter

Phone: 318-290-5544

Email: grady.c.coulter.ctr@mail.mil