The multi-function agile radio-controlled robot, 'MARCBOT,' is one piece of technology helping in the fight against improvised explosive devices in Iraq.

MARCbot is a low cost robotic platform (costing about $8000) used in Iraq for the inspection of suspicious objects. It is one of smallest and most commonly used robots in Iraq and looks like a small toy truck with an elevated mast on which a camera is mounted. This camera is used to look, for example, behind doors or through windows without placing human soldiers in danger. It is capable of running for 6 hours on a set of fully charged batteries and was developed with the input of soldiers in Iraq to meet their needs.

It was the first ground robot to draw blood in Iraq. One unit jury-rigged a Claymore antipersonnel mine on their units. If they suspected an ambush they would send the robot ahead. If an insurgent was seen the Claymore would be detonated.


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