Marine Careers & Required ASVAB Scores

Marines and Army use similar terminology when referring to job descriptions.  Just like in the Army, the Marines breaks down the ASVAB subtest scores into groups known as line scores to determine which jobs applicants are best suited for.  These line scores and the set of composites that make up each are as follows:

Line Score     

CL – Clerical                                                                                                       

Verbal Expression(VE)+ Arithmetic Reasoning(AR)+ Mathematics Knowledge(MK)

EL – Electronics                                                                                                

General Science(GS)+ Arithmetic Reasoning(AR)+ Mathematics Knowledge(MK)+ Electronics Information(EI)

GT - General Technical                                                                                  

Verbal Expression(VE)+ Arithmetic Reasoning(AR)

MM - Mechanical Maintenance                                                                

Numerical Operations(NO)+ Auto and Shop Information(AS)+ Mechanical  Comprehension(MC)+ Electronics Information(EI)

ST - Skilled Technical                                                                                      

General Science(GS)+ Verbal Expression(VE)+ Mathematics Knowledge(MK)+ Mechanical  Comprehension(MC)

The following are the Marine’s MOS’s and their required ASVAB scores:

MOS Code MOS Title Minimum ASVAB Line Score
0111 Administrative Specialist CL=100
7242 Air Support Operations Operator GT=100
7251 Air Traffic Controller-Trainee GT=110
0451 Airborne and Air Delivery Specialist GT=100
6316 Aircraft Communications/Navigation Systems Technician, KC-130 EL=105
6323 Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Electrical Systems Technician EL=105
6326 Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Electrical/Systems Technician EL=105
6324 Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Electrical/Weapon Systems Technician EL=105
6313 Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Radar Systems Technician, EA-6 EL=105
6317 Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Radar Systems Technician, F/A-1 EL=105
6332 Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician, AV-8 EL=105
6333 Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician, EA-6 EL=105
6337 Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician, F/A-18 EL=105
6338 Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician, F-35B EL=105
6336 Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician, KC-130 EL=105
6432 Aircraft Electrical/Instrument/Flight Control Systems Technician EL=105
6386 Aircraft Electronic Countermeasures Systems Technician, EA-6B EL=105
6483 Aircraft Electronic Countermeasures Systems Technician, Helicopter EL=105
6531 Aircraft Ordnance Technician GT=105
7051 Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Specialist MM=95
0352 Anti-tank Missileman GT=100
6423 Aviation Electronic Microminiature/Instrument and Cable Repair Technician, IMA EL=105
6694 Aviation Logistics Information Management and Support (ALIMS) Specialist GT=110 and EL=115
7041 Aviation Operations Specialist CL=100
6541 Aviation Ordnance Systems Technician GT=105
6492 Aviation Precision Measurement Equipment/Calibration and Repair Technician, IMA EL=110
6672 Aviation Supply Specialist CL=100
6391 Avionics Maintenance Chief EL=105
0300 Basic Infantryman GT=80
6469 CASS Test Station IMA Advanced Maintenance Technician, IMA EL=105
0211 Counterintelligence/Human Source Intelligence CI/HUMINT Specialist GT=110
0372 Critical Skills Operator GT=105
7236 Tactical Air Defense Controller GT=105
7011 Expeditionary Airfield Systems Technician MM=95
0612 Field Wireman EL=105
6252 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Airframe Mechanic, AV-8/TAV-8 MM=105
6253 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Airframe Mechanic, EA-6 MM=105
6257 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Airframe Mechanic, F/A-18 MM=105
6258 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Airframe Mechanic, F-35B MM=105
6256 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Airframe Mechanic, KC-130 MM=105
6251 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Airframe Mechanic-Trainee MM=105
6276 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Crew Chief, KC-130 MM=105 and GT=110
6212 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Mechanic, AV-8/TAV-8 MM=105
6213 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Mechanic, EA-6 MM=105
6217 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Mechanic, F/A-18 MM=105
6218 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Mechanic, F-35B MM=105
6216 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Mechanic, KC-130 MM=105
6222 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, F-402 MM=105
6227 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, F-404 MM=105
6223 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Power Plants Mechanic, J-52 MM=105
6287 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic MM=105
6282 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic, AV-8/TAV-8 MM=105
6283 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic, EA-6 MM=105
6288 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic, F-35B MM=105
6286 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic, KC-130/V-22 MM=105
6281 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic-Trainee MM=105
0261 Geographic Intelligence Specialist GT=110
0241 Imagery Analysis Specialist GT=110
0351 Infantry Assaultman GT=100
0231 Intelligence Specialist GT=110
0481 Landing Support Specialist MM=100 and GT=95
0313 LAV Crewman GT=90
0431 Logistics/Embarkation Specialist GT=100
7212 Low Altitude Air Defense (LAAD) Gunner GT=90
0331 Machine Gunner GT=90
0511 MAGTF Planning Specialist GT=110
0411 Maintenance Management Specialist GT=100
6842 METOC Analyst Forecaster GT=105
0341 Mortarman GT=90
0161 Postal Clerk CL=100
0321 Reconnaissance Man GT=105
0311 Rifleman GT=90
6314 Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Avionics Technician EL=105
7314 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Air Vehicle Operator GT=110
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