Housing Benefits

  • Homeless Veteran Prevention and Assistance
  • Minnesota Veterans’ Homes

Employment Benefits

  • MN Veterans Preference Act
  • Employment Assistance
  • Compensation for State Active Duty

Education Benefits

  • Higher Education Veterans Programs
  • State Tuition Reimbursement
  • War Orphan Education Program
  • Minnesota GI Bill
  • Educational Grants
  • OJT & Apprenticeship Programs
  • Surviving Spouse Education Benefit
  • On Campus Resource Centers
  • Veterans Education Assistance ($750 Grant)

Other State Benefits

  • Services Program
  • Minnesota Veterans Homes
  • State Soldiers' Assistance Fund
  • Claims and Outreach Assistance
  • Guardianship Division
  • Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery
  • Discharge Certificates
  • Bronze Star Grave markers
  • State Veterans Cemetery
  • County Veteran Service Officer


Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs


20 West 12th Street

St. Paul, MN 55155-2079

Phone: 651-296-2562



Commissioner: Larry Shellito

Phone: 651-296-2562

Email: larry.shellito@state.mn.us

TAA: Allan Jorgensen


Email: allan.jorgensen@us.army.mil

TAA: Vince Hokkanen

Office: 651-282-4234

Email: vincent.n.hokkanen.mil@mail.mil