Housing Benefits

  • Mississippi Veterans Home Purchase Board
  • State Veterans Nursing Homes

Financial Assistance Benefits

  • Ad Valorem Tax
  • Privilege Tax

Employment Benefits

  • Re-Employment
  • Employment Preference
  • State Retirement
  • Professional License Reciprocity

Education Benefits

  • Educational Assistance
  • Mississippi Employment Security Commission

Other State Benefits

  • Mississippi Veterans Affairs Board
  • Veterans Designation
  • State Veterans Claims Division
  • State VA Hospital Service Offices
  • State Approving Agency Division
  • Mississippi Department of Archives and History
  • Mississippi State Personnel Board
  • Mississippi Military Department (Army & Air National Guard)
  • County Veterans Service Office and Officer
  • State Veterans Memorial Cemetary
  • Documents
  • Hunting and Fishing Licenses
  • Vehicle License Plates


Mississippi State Veteran Affairs Board

P.O. Box 5947

Pearl, MS 39288-5947

Phone:(601) 576-4850



Executive Director: Adrian Grice

Phone: 601-576-4850

Email: grice@vab.state.ms.us

TC: Adrian Grice

Phone: 601-576-4850

Email: grice@vab.state.ms.us

National Guard TAA: Edwin Tudor

Phone: 601-313-6162

Email: Edwin.r.tudor.ctr@mail.mil