Housing Benefits

  • Missouri Veterans Homes
  • Property Tax Credits
  • Missouri Substitute Address for Homeless Veterans

Financial Assistance Benefits

  • Tax Exemption for AO Settle Payments
  • Vietnam Veterans Survivor Grant Program
  • War Veteran’s Survivor Grant Program
  • Show Me Heroes Program
  • Unemployment Compensation for War on Terror Vets
  • Unemployment Compensation for Military Spouses
  • Missouri Military Family Relief Fund
  • Missouri Universal Service Fund

Education Benefits

  • Operation Recognition
  • Missouri Returning Heroes’ Education Act
  • Higher Education Tuition Refunds when call to AD
  • In-State Tuition Eligibility for Military Dependents

Employment Benefits

  • Veterans' Preference
  • Priority for Qualified Veterans Employment
  • Veterans Employment & Training Services
  • Courtesy Professional Licenses for Non-Resident Military Spouses
  • Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve
  • Missouri State Employees Retirement System benefits for Veterans

Other State Benefits

  • State Veterans Cemeteries and Homes
  • World War II, Korean War and Vietnam Service Medal and Medallions
  • Free Automobile License Plates
  • Free/Reduced Hunting and Fishing License
  • State Contract & Business Preference for SCD Veterans
  • Burial & Cemetery Benefits
  • Veterans Identification on DL or ID Card
  • Motorcycle/Commercial Driving Exam Exemptions
  • Specialty Plates


Missouri Veterans Commission

205 Jefferson Street 12th Floor Jefferson Building

P.O. Drawer 147

Jefferson City, MO 65102

Phone: (1-866-838-4636)



TAA: Brian Ramsey

Phone: 573-638-9500 x 7764

Email: brian.w.ramsey8.ctr@mail.mil

TC: Pat Rowe Kerr

Phone: 573-462-9531

Email: pat.kerr@mvc.dps.mo.gov

Executive Director: Larry D. Kay

Phone: 573-751-3779

Email: larry.kay@mvc.dps.mo.us