Navy Tuition Assistance

Naval tuition assistance is offered to both officers and enlisted members on active duty as well as Naval Reservists enlisted members who have been activated for at least 120 days and Naval Reservist Officers who have been activated for at least 2years.  Certain criteria must be met in order to be eligible for Naval tuition assistance. 

These criteria are as follows:

  • Must be on active duty for the entire duration of the course
  • Must attend a regionally, nationally or professionally accredited institution or agency as recognized by the Department of Education
  • Must be counseled by a Navy College Office member
  • Must provide proof of previous grades received for tuition assistance covered courses and reimburse all grades that are withdrawals that have not previously been approved and failing grades. 

All officers must commit to active duty for at least 2 years following course completion for courses funded by TA.  Any officer not fulfilling these two years after the course will have to pay a prorated amount as repayment for the tuition assistance spent on the course.

The following are the maximum payment amounts allowed under the tuition assistance program.

Tuition assistance will cover up to 100% of tuition and fees not to exceed $250 per semester credit hour, or $166 per quarter credit hour, and 16 semester hours or 24 quarter hours or 240 clock hours per fiscal year.

When seeking tuition assistance, the first step is to speak with the Navy College Office and arrange counseling to determine which courses will require TA.  Next you must fill out form NETPDTC 1560/3 which will require you to accurately list all tuition and fees associated with the course or courses you wish to have the tuition assistance cover.  Only fees that are directly required for the enrolled course that are published and mandatory are eligible for reimbursement from TA.  If for any reason the course is cancelled or dropped and the tuition is refunded, the servicemember is responsible for the reimbursement of any non-refunded fee. 

The servicemember must inform the Navy College Office of any fees, including amounts, they will be requesting coverage for when they apply for tuition assistance. Be sure to read and sign the page 2 of the TA application which is the Tuition Assistance Application Agreement.  This outlines all the rules and procedures associated with the TA process and your signature indicates your understanding and acceptance of these rules.  This form must then be signed by a commander and returned to the Navy College Office for processing.

For additional assistance with Navy tuition assistance visit: