Housing Benefits

  • Homeless and At Risk Veteran Services
  • State Veterans Home

Financial Assistance Benefits

  • Veterans Property Tax Exemption
  • Disabled Veteran 100% Property Tax Exemption

Education Benefits

  • Vietnam Veteran College Scholarship
  • Children of Deceased Veterans Scholarship
  • World War II and Korean Veterans High School Diploma
  • Veterans Education and Training Services

Other State Benefits

  • Special Disabled Veterans Hunting and Fishing Licenses
  • Free Museum & Monument Pass for Disabled Veterans
  • Veterans’ License Plates
  • The Patriot Plate
  • Military Burial Program
  • Veterans Transportation Service
  • Native American Outreach Services
  • Employer Tax Credit For Hiring Recent Veterans
  • Help For Veteran Small Business Owners
  • State Hiring Preference for Veterans
  • New Mexico Veterans Court
  • Free Counseling & Therapy for Recently-Returned Veterans


New Mexico Department of Veteran Services

Bataan Memorial Building

407 Galisteo, Room 142

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

(505) 827-6300


TC: Alan Martinez (Deputy Secretary)

Phone: 505-827-6374


Secretary: Timothy Hale

Phone: 505-827-6334

National Guard TAA: Gene Delgado

Phone: 505-271-7191