Housing Benefits

  • Veterans Center (Long-Term Care)

Financial Assistance Benefits

  • Financial Aid Grants (WWI, WWII, Korean, Vietnam, Persian Gulf)
  • Tax Exemption (Property, Income, Sales, Retirement)

Employment Benefits

  • State Veterans Employment Preference

Education Benefits

  • National Guard Tuition Waiver Program

Other State Benefits

  • Free Hunting and Fishing Permit for legal residents 60% or more Disability
  • Reduced Fee Auto Tags
  • Admission to State Owned Parks
  • License Plates
  • Oklahoma Cross of Valor
  • Veterans Service Representatives cover all seventy-seven counties
  • Claims and Benefits Division with representation in VA appeals


Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs

2311 N. Central

Oklahoma City, OK 73105

405-521-3684 (Local)

888-655-2838 (Toll Free)


TC: Steve Voss

Phone: 918-781-7766

Email: svoss@odva.state.ok.us

State Director: John McReynolds

Phone: 405-521-3684

Email: jmcreynolds@odva.state.ok.us

National Guard TAA: Lamar Wilson

Phone: 405-228-5083

Email: lamar.h.wilson.ctr@mail.mil