Housing Benefits

  • Oregon Veterans’ Home Loans
  • Oregon Veterans’ Home
  • Oregon Property Tax Exemption

Financial Assistance Benefits

  • Oregon Conservatorship Program
  • Oregon Veterans’ Emergency Financial Assistance Program (OVEFAP)

Employment Benefits

  • Oregon Veterans’ Employment Preference
  • Oregon Veterans’ Re-Employment Rights

Education Benefits

  • Oregon Educational Aid
  • High School Diploma
  • Veterans’ Dependent Tuition Waiver

Other State Benefits

  • Oregon Hunting and Fishing Licenses
  • Oregon State Park Use Permits
  • Oregon Veterans License Plates
  • Oregon Public Records
  • Claims and Counseling


Oregon Department of Veteran Affairs

700 Summer St. NE

Salem, Oregon 97301-1285




TAA: Raymond Powers

Phone: 503-584-2363

Email: raymond.d.powers4.mil@mail.mil

State Director: Cameron Smith

Phone: 503-373-2000

Email: willisj@odva.state.or.us