Securing Passports

Passports for overseas travel are required for all civilians, including dependents.  When traveling for official reasons, the Department of Defense Directive states that you and your dependents have a no-fee passport with a Status of Forces Agreement stamp in these passports.  The Status Force Agreement stamp can be obtained at a United States military passport office prior to arrival overseas.  All dependents who are not U.S. citizens are required to have a passport from their country of citizenship that also bears a Status of Forces Agreement stamp. 

Form DD 1056, Authorization to Apply for a no-fee Passport and/or Request for Visa Preparation can be obtained at your Human Resources Office.  This type of passport signifies the bearer as an agent of the U.S. Government proceeding abroad on official travel.  The Form DD 1056 is documented proof that you and your dependents are qualified to apply for a no-fee passport and can be used instead of or in conjunction with official travel orders as authority of have the Department of State issue such a passport. 

Submit all passport or visa application to your local military passport and visa section.  Those having access to a .mil or .gov domain can receive additional passport and visa information at  or the Air Force Passport Matters website. 

If leisure travel overseas is expected, you and your dependents should obtain tourist passports.