Short Range Prosecutor

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) Short Range Prosecutor is a 7 meter, high speed launch designed to be launched from cutters, at speed, from a stern launching ramp. The Short Range Prosecutor is a rigid-hull inflatable, powered by water-jets, for intercepting and boarding suspect vessels. It mounts a radar and special shock-proof seats, and can travel at 30 knots.

The refitted Island class Patrol cutters, part of the Deepwater program, were each to carry one Short Range Prosecutor. The Marine Protector cutters each carry one Short Range Prosecutor. The new Sentinel class cutters will carry one Short Range Prosecutor. The proposed National Security Cutters and the proposed Offshore Patrol Cutters will have two rear launching ramps, and will carry two launches, either two Short Range Prosecutors, or two of the larger USCG Long Range Interceptors, or one of each.


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