Housing Benefits

  • Specially Adapted Housing
  • State Veterans Nursing Homes

Financial Assistance Benefits

  • South Carolina Military Family Relief Fund
  • Admissions Tax Exemptions
  • Income Tax Exemption on Military Retirement Pay
  • Property Taxes – Homestead Exemption
  • Property Tax Exemption
  • Tax Exemption for Compensation, Pension, Disability Retirement Pay and VA Payments
  • Parking Fee Exemption
  • Active Duty Pay Relevant to SC Department of Revenue and Taxation

Employment Benefits

  • Veterans Preference
  • Veterans Re-Employment Rights

Education Benefits

  • Education Assistance

Other State Benefits

  • Credit of State Retirement for Military Service
  • Free Hunting and Fishing Licenses
  • State Parks Totally Disabled Persons
  • Special License Plates
  • Presentation of the State Flag to Families of Deceased Members of the South Carolina National Guard
  • Recording of Discharges
  • Marriage, Birth, Death, and Divorce Verifications


South Carolina State Office of Veterans Affairs

1205 Pendleton Street, Suite 369

Columbia, South Carolina 29201

Phone (803) 734-0200


Director: Howard Metcalf

Phone: 803-734-0200


National Guard TAA: Randall Moon

Phone: 803-299-1555