Top 5 Tactical Handguns #1

     Springfield XD(M) 45

Moving beyond comfort and fit, Springfield Armory explored new ground in tactile response. With the introduction of the M-Factor, Springfield’s reputation in ergonomics, intuitive operation, and handling is taken to an all new level. Also, with the XD(M), you get more custom choices for a personalized fit right out of the box.

Suggested Retail Price: $685.00

Top Features:

1. Minimal Reset Trigger – The new XD(M) trigger has the shortest travel than any currently available polymer pistol along with similarly short reset which keeps you on target with greater ease for faster, more accurate follow-up shots.

2. Match Grade Barrel – The match-grade barrel takes precision manufacturing to a whole new level, and allows for +P, +P+, and BMT APLP round firing.

3. Melonite – Traditional black oxide finishes are a few millionths of an inch thick and offer no corrosion resistance. The Melonite finish on the XD(M) is a salt bath nitriding process that leaves a thick, corrosion-resistant, hard surface.

4. Minimal Error Disassembly – By removing the need to pull the trigger during dis-assembly, the process is now easier and faster.

5. Multi-Adjust Rail System – A triple-position Picatinny rail readily accepts lights, lasers, or other accessories. More importantly, it allows them to be adjusted to the shooter’s hand position.

6. Mould-Tru Backstraps – Interchangeable backstraps, add to the comfort and customized fit of the XD(M) to its owner. Choose one of three backstraps for personalized fit.

7. USA Trigger System The Ultra Safety Assurance trigger system guards against accidental discharge from dropping or bumping by locking the gun’s trigger in place until direct, rearward pressure is applied.

8. Loaded Chamber Indicator – The loaded chamber indicator allows the shooter to verify visually, or by tough, that there is a round in the chamber.