Top 5 Tactical Handguns #4

     Beretta Px4 Storm

The new Beretta Px4 Storm pistol, being as handsome as it is effective, was built around a modular concept that a pistol can be adapted to different needs and modes of operations, without compromising on ergonomics and the renowned Beretta reliability and performance. The Px4 Storm emphasizes power, ease of handling, performance, and reliability. Manufactured in three calibers, the Px4 Storm uses an exclusive Beretta designed innovative locked-breech with a rotating barrel system.

Suggested Retail Price: $650.00

Top Features:

1. Accessory Rail – The Px4 Storm frame has an integral Picatinny MILSTD-1913 rail for rapid attachment of tactical lights and laser aiming devices.

2. Visible Automatic Firing Pin Block – The firing pin is blocked from any forward movement until the trigger is pulled completely back. The block is located rearward, far away from the fouling and debris of the breech face. The block is visible so that the user can ascertain its proper operation. Even if the pistol falls on a hard surface, the firing pin will not strike the primer.

3. Ambidextrous Safety – The ambidextrous safety lever, easily accessible by the thumb for a right or left handed shooter, is spring loaded so it’s either positively “on” or “off”. The safety lever also functions as the pistol’s decocking lever. When the safety lever is pushed down, the rear part of the firing pin is rotated out of alignment with the front part of the firing pin. Additional hammer drop catch prevents striking of the firing pin unit in the chance of unintentional hammer drop.

4. Individual Size Grips – Pistol may be configured with small, medium or large backstraps to individually fit the hand of each shooter. The backstraps are checkered to ensure a firm grip in both wet or dry shooting conditions. Three backstraps are included with every pistol.

5. Reversible Magazine Release – Multiple-sized, reversible magazine release buttons allow for customization to the individual’s hand size. Small size comes standard on the gun, while medium and large buttons are available as accessories and easy replacement. Each size may be positioned for right-handed or left-handed use.

6. Simple Field Stripping – Pistol is designed for extremely quick and simple field stripping. Dis-assembly latch does not remove from the gun, preventing accidental dropping and loss. Reassembly is easy and accidental incorrect assembly of parts is prevented by the distinctive design.

7. Light Techno-Polymer Frame – The light, yet durable, frame employs modern thermoplastic technology through the use of Corrosion resistant fiberglass reinforced polymer.

8. Rotating Barrel – The Px4′s unique rotating barrel and locking system dissipates recoil energy radially, reducing felt recoil and muzzle rise. This is the strongest Beretta pistol action. Chrome lined barrels provide extreme corrosion resistance, as well as ease of cleaning. Barrels also feature a deeply recessed combat muzzle crown to protect the rifling. (NOTE: Sub-Compact models feature tilt-barrel locking system and stainless steel construction).