Travel Arrangements For Pets

It is the responsibility of the servicemember to arrange and pay for any costs related to moving a pet to their new location.  Moving is not only stressful on the humans in the family but also take a toll on pets as well.  Be sure to contact a veterinarian and confirm that all necessary shots and treatments have been given to your pet prior to their arrival at your new location.  This is extremely important with PCSing overseas.  Special arrangements and preparations are required for pet when making this type of move.  Some pet owners are unable to take their pets with them and need to find a good home for their pet. 

Pets Awaiting Warriors, PAWS, is a new volunteer group that was formed to provide pet owners with PCSing and deploying assistance.  One of the things this group does is provider contact information to charities such as Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet and NetPet to those servicemembers who find it impossible to bring their pets with them to their next duty location.  The goal of this is to prevent the unnecessary euthanizing of these pets. 

They also provide information on the steps that need to be taken before PCSing such as getting the proper vaccinations and having your pet micro-chipped which will record and keep track of all vaccinations given to the animal.  If a servicemember is PCSing overseas and the animal does not have the proper vaccinations or paperwork, that animal could be placed in quarantine for up to three months at approximately $17 a day which can get very costly. 

Owners going to a known quarantine location should financially prepare for the situation if they plan on having their pet accompany them.  The best recommendations the group offers is to be on top of things and do things early.  Find out what preparations need to be made and be sure to finish them well before it is time to leave so that is one less stress you will have during a very hectic time.