VA Dental Care For Vets

Outpatient dental care is available including diagnostic care, preventative care, surgical care and restorative care to eligible veterans. Those veterans eligible to receive care are as follows:

    • Veterans who have service-connected compensable dental conditions
    • Veterans who have service-connected, non-compensable dental conditions resulting from combat wounds or service injury
    • Veterans who have non-service-connected dental conditions having been documented by VA to be aggravating a service-connected condition
  • Veterans who have a 100% disability rating with service-connected conditions rating permanently and totally disabled by reason of being unemployable
  • Veterans who are a part of a VA vocational rehabilitation program
  • Veterans who were POWs
  • Specified homeless veterans who are in a rehabilitation program sponsored by the VA
  • Veterans who are in an inpatient VA facility requiring non-service-connected dental conditions
  • Veterans who have a need for treatment of dental conditions that are determined by VA medical authorities to be complicating a medical condition for which they are currently under treatment