What To Ask A Recruiter

It's a good idea to go into a recruiter's office prepared. Bring a pen and paper and jot down the answers to some of these questions:

  1. What are the entrance requirements for my particular branch of service?
  2. Where and when should I take the ASVAB?
  3. Are there programs available to help prepare me for the ASVAB?
  4. What jobs am I eligible for considering my ASVAB score?
    1.  What are the incentives for joining?
    2. What will be expected of me at Basic Training?
    3. What is the likelihood of completing Basic Training?  What percentage don’t make it?
    4. Does the job I have chosen require a specific number of years of enlistment?
    5. Is there a possibility of being sent to a hazardous duty zone soon after enlisting?
    6. What are the benefits available to me?
    7. If I chose to enlist, what is the process from this point to being placed at my first duty station?
    8. How does the job assignment process work?
    9. How does the promotion process work?
    10. Can I speak with someone who had served in the branch and job I am interested in?
    11. Where will I be stationed?
    12. How do the education benefits work?
    13. What if I decide the military is not for me?
    14. Can I get a guaranteed job specialty?
    15. What would my starting pay be?
    16. How long is Basic Training?
    17. How will my medical history affect my enlistment?
    18. What kind of specialized training can I participate in?
    19. Can I have visitors during Basic Training?
    20. How likely is it for me to serve overseas in my selected job?
    21. What is the difference between regular service and reserve service?

      Always make sure to have the recruiter clarify any vague or blanketed answers.  Get important information documented in writing and signed by the recruiter.